November 17 2010 12H:30, salle A-2885, Hubert-Aquin Pavillon , Université du Québec à Montréal, conference, ICI Program (Intervenants culturels Internationaux).

November 17 2010 18H00, Hexagram CIAM, UQAM, 141, avenue du Président-Kennedy, local SB-4105, Workshop with Thomas Corriveau, GRUPMUV research group.

November 5 2010 Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht, solo performances, Only the hand… in Dutch and 49 Flies. 14H:30, Theater Kikker, followed by the projection of Triptych.

November 2010 Release in France of the DVD edition of my 1996 feature La Plante humaine

October 2010 A text (Cinéma transitoire / Transitory Cinema) and a series of drawings published in the French review Passage d’encre, no 41, Cinéma, XXIe S.

October 23-28 2010 Banjaluka Animation Film Festival, jury member, retrospective program, conference and an Only the hand… performance in Serbian.

October 21 2010 Vancouver New Music Festival, presentation of 49 Flies with Stefan Smulovitz, 22H:00, Scotiabank Dance Center, 677 Davie Street, Vancouver. See the VIDEO.

October 19 2010 Performance with Stefan Smulovitz at the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek, British Columbia. See the VIDEO of the first public performance of 49 Flies

October 13-24 2010 World premiere of my new film Praha-Florenc (10 min.) at the Festival du nouveau cinéma, in Montreal. Shown in the international competition October 15 , 13H:00, Cinéma Parallèle and October 17, 21H:45, Cinéma ONF. See the VIDEO. Read the BLOG.

August 22 2010 Beginning of the work on a new performance project, 49 Flies. Sound editing of the recording flies given to me by Claude Beaugrand.

August 6 2010 Pierre Hébert his granted an honorary professorship by the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, in Vancouver.

July 2010 Jury member for the animation competition of the Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal, July 8-28.

June 10 to 28, 2010 Drawings in the exhibition Tropy, Figury, Refreny, Mistogallerie, Brno, Tcheck Republic.

June 2010 Beginning of the work on a new film Praha-Florenc (the socialist realism) done after a shooting I did in Prague on May 22 2010.

May 20 2009 Artist talk at the Dum Umeny (House of the Art), in Brno, Czeck Republic.

April 13 2009 TV commercial for the album «Six» by Claire Pelletier. See the VIDEO.

March 29 2010 Artist talk at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

March 25-26 2010 Artist talk at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Kelowna.

February 22 2010 Also received today, the cinéma magazine 24 images no 146 (March-April 2010) with my text about the presentation at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, of Mamora, the new film film by Karl Lemieux (Mamora, mise en exposition du cinéma).

February 22 2010 Received by mail L’improvisation : ordres et désordres (Improvisation, order and disorder), Textuel no 60 (revue de l’UFR Lettres, Arts, Cinéma, Université Paris-Diderot), with my text Animation et improvisation. This is the review of the colloquium held in Paris in January 2009, during the Sons d’hiver festival, in which I participated.

February 20 2010 Screening of my latest film, Triptych, at Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, 13H:00, Cinéma ONF, 1564 St-Denis, Montreal. SEE THE VIDEO

February 10 2010 Opening of the show Nitshisseniten e tshissenitamin ( I know that you know) by Chloé Sainte-Marie, totally sung in the Innu aboriginal language, at Théâtre du Gésu, in Montréal. Direction: Brigitte Haentjens, set design:Simon Guilbault, video : Pierre Hébert.

January 2 2010 Beginning of the final work on the video conception of the show Nitshisseniten e tshissenitamin by Chloé Sainte-Marie.

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