Animation exercises (like they use to say «spiritual exercises») about the complexity and density of human time, about the hand and the gesture, about traces, marks and signs written in a mythic sky, about the unslung recomposition of images in machine time. An extreme film with an equally extreme music by Bob Ostertag. “Signs that rock the parrot…” as the French poet Henri Michaux wrote.

Year of production : 2009

Direction, production, animation and compositing : Pierre Hébert

Music : Bob Ostertag

30 min. 13 sec.

Production format : HD 1080p30

Available projection supports : HD, Betacam numérique, Betacam SP

Image ratio: 16/9

World première : Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montréal, 2009.

Stills are available here.

Watch an extract.