Films for dance

Elles choreography de Louise Bédard, Théâtre de La Chapelle, Montreal, November 2002.A film resulted from this project : Variations on Two Photographs by Tina Modotti.

Le combat avec l’ange (The fight with the angel) live animation improvisation with mime Denise Boulanger, presented in Montreal, July 21 1994, at the Tangente space in the Agora de la danse.

Ville invisible, film included in a multi-media show choreographed by Jean Marc Matos, in Reims (France) at the Centre national art et technologie November 6 to 8 1991.

Braise blanche, film for a choreography by Louise Bédard, National Art Center, Ottawa, Décember 18 1990.

The Technology of Tears, films for a choreography by Rosalind Newman, with music by Fred Frith, Joyce Theatre, New York, February 24 to March 1 1987. A film resulted from this project : The Technology of Tears.

Conversations (improvisation combining ci­néma, danse, music and writing, with Louise Bédard, Robert M. Lepage and Sylvie Massicotte) Obscure, Québec city, November 29 1987, Rendez-vous du cinéma québecois, Montreal, February 10, 1988, and at the Optica Galery, Montreal, March 8, 1989.

Timber, films for a choreography by Ginette Laurin, Théatre de la Veillée, Montreal, march 12 to 30 1986.