Scratch at the Louvre Museum auditorium

Le Louvre- 1

On Sunday October 14, at the auditorium of the Louvre Museum in Paris, I presented a live scratched animation performance accompanied by Italian musicain Andrea Martignoni. I was using a new performance setup, using two separate projectors simulteanously projecting on the same surface. This setup have been developped in two previous performances, first in May 2016 with Malcolm Goldstein and John Heward in the Norman McLaren space at the Cinémathèque québécoise, and second in August 2018 with Lori Freedman at University of Montreal. This Ouvre performance constitutes a turning point as the characteristics of the new setup appears to have stabilized. It is most likely the biginning of a new series of performances. This id what the success of last Sunday performance allows to foresee. The basic idea is to have loops of different lenghts in the two projectors (fifty and forty seconds) in order to produce a constant lag between the two series of images, generating ever changing combination of images. this is an adaptation from the setups of my video inatallations Berlin – The Passage of Time, Cycling Utrecht and Scratch – polyphony of flickers. It also make use of the approach to colours that I have developped for mylast film But one bird sang not that was premiered int the event Fantasmagoria at the Louvre Museum. The event included a sreening of some of my films followed by a master class.

Le Louvre- 2

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