Cycling Utrecht (Places and Monuments-7)


 Cycling Utrecht, installation vidéo de Pierre Hébert

Distribué par Vidéographe

Cycling Utrecht is a work commissioned by the Holland animation Film Festival to celebrate the «départ» of the Tour de France in Utrecht in July 2001. It was presented at the Centraal Museum and at the Louis Hartlooper Complex,  the central location of the festival, between March 18 and 23 2015 and also, in its totallity or in parts, with one or two screens, in other public places of Utrecht, between March and the «Grand Départ» of the Tour de France on July 5 2015. So it was both shown as a «video installation» and as a «public art» piece. The eight dry pastel drawings that were made for the films ot the installation, were exhibited in one of the halls of the Louis Hartlooper Complex during the festival.

General informations about the Places and Monuments Series



It is a video installation with two screens set side by side, on which two loops of unequal lengths (13:50 to the left and 11:43 to the right) are playing. The two loops are thus constantly lagging and new relations are constantly created between the two visual and sound components of this work with no beggining and no ending. Over a period of time that goes largey beyong what a single visitor can possibly stand, an exploration of all the possible relations between the two loops is going on progressively. The images have been shot on November 11 2014 in Utrecht in locations situated along the streets that the race will follow. Each of the two loops is made up of four long segments and three shorter one that are used as transitions. Three of the main segments have been shot according to two adjacent left/right frames. Following the progressive lagging of the projected loops, there are moments when the corresponding left/right frames appear simulteanously creating a temporary effect of panorama over the two screens. As these coupled segments have been placed in a different order on the two loops, it is only alternatively that they can appear simultaneously an create an effect of panorama. A structure of correspondances and echos is thus created varying with the lagging unwinding of the loops. Taking into account this difference of length, it would take 7.5 days for the loops to return to their initial state.

This installation is number seven in the «Places and Monuments» series. As with all the other opus of this series, the live action images have been submitted to a process of digital processing in order to give them a greater temporal and spatial density and animation inserts were added to create points of intensity that tell you were to look. In this case, the inseted images of Tour de France are disputing the monumental pole with images of statue that are along the route of the race, and are put in tension with the normal day to day use of the bike that is a very important characteristic of this city.

List of presentations:

March 18 – July 1st 2015, at the Holland Animation Film Festival and in different locations in the city of Utrecht.

October 7-18 2015, presented by FNC Lab, Festival of New Cinema, at the Agora des sciences de l’UQAM, in Montreal.

October 14-16 2015, during the colloqium Uses of the Archives : From Sources to Practices organized by the University of Lausanne and Udine in collaboration with the Swiss Cinematheque.

Technical needs to be presented as a video installation :

– two HD flat screens (any size) set side by side with a little space between the two.

–  Each screens has its own sound track. The sound can be played in different ways depending on the venue : by just using the loud speakers of the screens, by setting an external sound system for each of the screens (best!) or through earphones by mixing down the two sources to one stereo signal.


direction : Pierre Hébert

electric guitar effects : René Lussier

mixing of the sound : Luc Boudrias

assistent : Clémence Renaud-Allaire

production : the Holand Animation Film Festival supported by the City of’Utrecht.

Stills of the installation are to be found here.

Video of the right hand screen of the installation :

Video of the left hand screen of the installation :

Video of a single channel version of the installation :