2007-04-02 20H:30 Beirut

The music, the background DVD and the timer on the Jitter patch were all synch in a stable way. I feel well prepared for the performance tomorrow evening. One problem which is quite worrisome, the video settings are not working on a manual mode any more, it makes it hard to get the proper contrast on the video image so that the keying between the video feed and the images in the computer is correct. Fortunately, I can more or less go around the problem. I hope this will still be possible tomorrow.
This afternoon I met with the students for the last time to screen the little film and give them the DVD’s. They were all very happy and so was I. This was a very happy experience for everybody. It was accepted that I give the same good mark to all the students. This trip is quickly coming to its conclusion. Performance day tomorrow and Wednesday, on to Paris.

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