The Statue of Giordano Bruno

La statue de GB-4

This film was made out of the capture of a live animation performance presented in Rome in January 2005 by Pierre Hébert and the musician Bob Ostertag. It is based on live action shooting done that same afternoon on the Campo dei Fiori where the philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned by the Inquisition in 1600. A commemorative statue was erected in the 19th century, that somberly dominate the market held everyday on the piazza. The film is about the resurgence of the past in this place where normal daily activities go on imperturbably. The capture of the performance was reworked, shortened and complemented with more studio performances.
The Statue of Giordano Bruno, 12 min. 10 sec. codirected by Pierre Hébert and Bob Ostertag. Image and animation : Pierre Hébert. Music : Bob Ostertag. Independent production. Distribution : Vidéographe.

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