First day in Buenos Aires

10 rather difficult hours of flight between Washington DC and Buenos Aires. After 5 hours, my back was really hurting and nothing I could do to relieve it. Fortunately, today the pain seems to have gotten back to “normal”. I was welcomed in a very friendly way. It was really nice to finally meet the people I had been in contact with for months through e-mail. I cannot say I have a real grasp of this city yet. It is certainly not a «latino» city like some other I have known altough Spanish is the spoken language. But for the time being, I only know the small area around my hotel, including the Carlos Gardel Street. Last night, it was the opening evening of the festival with a Brasilian movie that sounded very interesting, but it was only subtitled in Spanish, so after a while of trying to understand, I left. I had a short talk with Sergio Wolf, the new director of the festival who explained me why he wanted so much to do this whole event around my work. Everything comes from my book L’Ange et l’automate (The Angel and the Automaton). It was given to him by Marco de Blois when he traveled in Montreal. Destiny sometimes follow strange and unexpected paths. It is never possible to know what the real consequences of something you do are going to be. The original release of this book in Montreal went somehow unnoticed. I could give it personnally to some people and I know this had some impact, but the public impact of it remained quite limited. And there it is, I find today that this had be at the origin of this full scale event in Buenos Aires and it has been translated in Spanish. This morning we are suppose to have a technical meeting about Special Forces.

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