On the way to Buenos Aires

I write from the Dulles Airport in Washington D.C.. I am heading rowards Buenos Aires. I have five hours to kill here before boarding for my final destination. I don’t wish this to anybody, no quiet ares to retire, no decent food. But the pleasure of going to Argentina turns this into small problems. Even after a few months, I remain still astonished by what is going to happen at the Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cinema Independiente: a complete retrospective of my films (this is not that simple to organize), a psanish translation of my book l’Ange et l’automate and a performance with Bob (Special Forces). I don’t know exactly what s the connection that made all of this possible. It remains a mystery for me. I am not that well known. Anyway I am looking forward to two weeks of festival, projections of my films, I know Bela Tar is going ro be there, I suppose some of his film that I have not seen are going to be shown. And all of this in Buenos Aires! Sylvie is going to arrive on Friday and we sill stay in Argentina one more week to travel around a little bit. I will try to write a steady diary of this trip.

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