Back from New York

I came back from New York last night. Bob and I performed Special Forces at Roulette, Thursday evening. A presentation of Harvestworks Inside. It worked really well, it was by far the best performance of Special Forces up to now. I was particularly touched to perform at Roulette, it is a sort of mythic place for me where I had never been but I had heard a lot about it. It was quite an important week. Harvestworks has lented us a space so that we can rehearse for two days. This was crucial because we did not do this piece since San Francisco in May 2007. I was not too rusted with my technical setup because I performed quite a bit lately (Seule la main…, Glaces, Fantômes…) but Special Forces is a very precisely structured piece and I did not remember much of it. Above that those two days of rehearsing allowed the piece to start evolving. So what we did on Thursday was not a simple repetition of what we did before. When a piece a so structured, it can easily fall in that trap. Overall, It was a very good preparation for the Buenos Aires performance in two weeks. But I am already leaving on April 7. Too little time between two trips.

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