Herqueville, a documentary?

I had real problems writing this blog in English as I first decided to do. It was becomming an obstacle to the continuation of the blog. So, from now on, I will write in French and, when possible, I will add a more or less complete English translation.

This week I had quite a surprise looking up the Rendez vous du cinéma québécois site to check the programming of my film Herqueville. I first look in the Art and experimentation section where I believe it was originally submitted and could not find it. I finally found it in the documentary section.

I was both deceived (Who would look for it there ?) and flattered by this. It is quite surprising that a film that, because of my career background, could have been considered as an animated film (But is it really one ?), and that, above live action images and animation, includes a fair dose of engravings, poems and not quite realistic digital processing of many of the images would finally be considered a documentary. Fundamentally, this is not false because the objective of the film was to capture the spirit of a real place and to be in resonnance with equally real actions (poems and photographs by Serge Meurant and etchings by Michèle Corbisier) that happened in this place. So relation with reality is at the core of this film which of courses makes it a documentary. But from a stylistic point of view it certainly does mix up categories, which is something to please me.

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