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«La statue de robert E. Lee à Charlottesville par André Habib dans la revue Hors champ.

NFB site about Pierre Hébert.

NFB site concerning Pierre Hebert’s DVD set.

Quebec Government’s « Albert-Tessier » prize for cinema by André Roy (in French)

Le Devoir – Prix Albert-Tessier, des idées et des images by Odile Tremblay. (in French)

AWN, Pierre Hebert and Animation at the Age of Digital Reproduction, part 1 by Chris Robinson.

AWN – Pierre Hébert and the Work of Animation in the Age of Digital Reproduction, part-2 by Chris Robinson.

Take One, Scratching the surface : the animated art of Pierre Hébert by Tom McSorley, June 1997.

AWN – Notes from the Underground Part Six — From Mary Ellen Bute to Pierre Hébert, Animation in a Different Key! by Jean Detheux.

Cinematic Studies – Cinematic Motion by Hand by Marina Estela Graça.

Observatorio – Between looking and Gesturing: Pierre Hebert’s concept « Animation d’observation » by Marina Estela Graça.

Mouvement – Le corps animé by Hervé Joubert-Laurencin. (in French)

Trafic – L’a-rythmique de Norman McLaren by Hervé Joubert-Laurencin. (in French)

AWN – The Burgeonning of a Project, Pierre Hebert’s La Plante Humaine by Andrea Martignoni.

Archée – Le living cinema de Pierre Hébert ou l’expérimentation d’une méditation téléguidée par Louise Boisclair. (in French)

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Living Cinema performance at the Guelph Jazz Festival by Tom Sekowski

Special Forces in Halifax, comments by Lizzy Hill in The Coast

Entrevue à Télé-Québec

Interview of Pierre Hébert by Paolo Palosello (in Italian)