December 11 to 29, screenings of «You look like me» in the Picolo Festival d’Animazione, in the italian cities of Udine, Pordedone and Trieste.

December 10 2014, improvisation with Lori Freedman, clarinets, Pierre-Alexandre Maranda, double bass and Olivier Maranda, drums, Mercredi Musique at the Casa Obscura, Montréal.

December 7 2014 «You look like me» wins the Guy L. Côté award for the best Canadian animation film at Sommets du cinéma d’animation.

November 27 to December 7 2014, “You look like me” selected in international competition at the Animation Summits, Quebec City and Montreal.

November 11 2014, shooting in Utrecht of images for a new video installation «Grand départ, Tour de France in Utrecht» to be opened during the Holland animation Film Festival in March 2015.

November 7 2014, presentation of the performance  Rolling over Blinkity Blank with Andrea Martignoni, Slovenska Kinemateka, Ljubljana, Slovania

November 1st 2014, Shadow Boxing (Living Cinema) performance with Bob Ostertag in Prague.

31 octobre 2014, program of recent films at thePraha Hall (Praha-Florenc, Place Carnot-Lyon, Thunder River, Triptych-2, John Cage-Halberstadt, film version of Berlin – The Passage of time, You look like me)

30 octobre 2014Shadow Boxing (Living Cinema) performance with Bob Ostertag at Cinéma Scala, in Brno.

29 octobre 2014, Speach about multimedia improvisation with Bob Ostertag psor the university students.

28 octobre au 15 novembre 2014, ppresentation of the video installation «Berlin -The Passage of Time» at the Brno House of Arts (Dům umění města Brna).

October 9 2014, You look like me (Turessemble à moi), in competition in the Focus courts-métrages series of the Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal (also shown on October 17)

September 22 2014, in a unanimous decision, the commission of acquisitions of the museums of France has given a positive answer to the Musée-Chateau de l’Agglomération d’Annecy to aquiere ten drawings of my Tropismes series, drawings that were used in my film Thunder River, and one 35mm reel of animation engraved directly on filmstock for my movie The Technology of Tears.

July 25-August 6 2014 Triptych-2 in competition in the Galery section in the Anima Mundi Festival , Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, Brasil.

June 10 and 14 2014 presentation of Op Hop in the program in homage to Norman McLaren «Odd Birds», during the Festival International du Cinéma d’Animation d’Annecy.

June 12 and 13 2014, at 16:00 and 22:30, program of films around the «Places and Monuments» project during the Festival International du Cinéma d’Animation d’Annecy.

10 juin 2014 Screening of the feature La Plante humaine in the yard of the Annecy castle.

10 juin 2014 Performance «Balade sur Blinkity Blank»  with Andrea Martignoni in homage to Norman McLaren, at the Musée -Chateau d’Annecy.

30 avril – 16 juin 2014 40 drawings in the «Norman McLaren en héritage et Pierre Hébert» exhibition at theMusée -Chateau d’Annecy. Official opening of the exhibition and catalogue on June 10.

June 1st 2014 Performance «Digital Scratch –Riding over Blinkity Blank» in homage to the 100 birth anniversary of Norman McLaren, with Andrea Martignoni, at the Center for Contemporary Art.

April 4-5 2014 Performance «Tropismes» with guitarist Joaquim Pavao, at the Casa das historias Paula Rego, Lisbon, during the Utopias festival.

March 25 2014 Formal opening of the video installation Berlin – The Passage of Time during the Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA), with a special screening of the Places and Monuments films, and the opening of the web version of the installation.

March 18 to 25 2014 CinemaQuébecItalia, tour of Québec films in Italy, including Triptych-2, in Firenze, Napoli and Syracusa.

March 13 2014 Opening of the video installation and web project Berlin – The Passage of Time (Places and Monuments-6) at the Cinémathèque québécoise. The installation will be presented until June 29 2014. Read the BLOG.

March 4 2014 Conference by Pierre Hébert : Animation et «expression instrumentale» dans le projet «Lieux et monuments», 18:00, Forum des images, Paris. 4 mars 2014 Conférence de Pierre Hébert : Animation et «expression instrumentale» dans le projet «Lieux et monuments», 18:00, Forum des images, Paris.

March 1st mars – April 20 2014 The video installation Berlin – The Passage of Time at the Forum des images, in Paris, during the event «Berlin magnétique». Read the BLOG.


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