Fourth day in Buenos Aires

Bob finally got a plane ticket. He will arrive Monday morning after 24 hours of travelling. It is completely crazy but it seems that there is no other way (San Francisco ‘ Miami, a 6 hours wait then Miami-Buenos Aires). All day yesterday, I tried to get use to the idea that I would be doing Special Forces alone. I only got the information late last night and I was really relieved.

Yesterday, I had two programs to present, always at the MALBA Museum. It is a bit far away from the centerof the festival and it certainly puts a limit to the size of the aufiences. But there is a ittle group of faithfull who are always there. That makes the whole thing really enjoyable. From Saturday, all the screening will start again at the central theaters of the festival. I resent a little bit not having time to see films.

Sylvie did not arrive this morning. Her plane from Montreal was late and she missed her Buenos Aires plane. She called me late in the night from the Washington Holiday Inn were she was. She will arrive tomorrow morning. It is the week of air trafic problems, it seems.

Finally, a technical meeting this afternoon.

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