Today, I leave Banja Luka heading to Berlin. It is a small, young festival with limited ressources (it is a part of Europe that is not especially rich), but as is often in cases like this, what dominates is goodwill and kindness, which is priceless. The relationship with my colleages of the jury were harmonious and friendly. The weather was not very good but nevetheless it was a wonderfull week. Thanks to Goran, Dagrana and the all others.

I had a few spontaneous personnal conversations quite intense about the civil war. This question is everywhere under the surface, about many subjects of daily life you hear « before… after». It is a sad bone that is in everyone’s throath and it seems impossible to get rid of it. In the streets, I could not help thinking that every person carries a personnal and collective burden. It reminds me my visit to Lebanon in 2007.

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