Herqueville – notes

Herqueville is simply a meditation on a place. It is a village in Normandy lost along the littoral of the La Hague peninsula. It is hanging from the top of the highest cliffs in Europe, dominating a particularly dramatic shoreline, and it is situated besides the huge French nuclear waste processing plant.

The poet Serge Meurant and the visual artist Michelle Corbisier visited Herqueville during the summer of 2003 and created a cycle of prints and poems that celebrated the architectonic chaos of the sea shore. In 2005, I came at the same location to shoot some images and my cinematographic effort consisted in expressing the astonishing proximity between the different components of this silent drama : the plant, the rocky cliffs, the sea and the modest poetic event. The resulting film was composed according to a providentially appropriate music by Fred Frith that was recorded live during a common performance in San Francisco. Simply, this place…

tournage, animation, montage, réalisation, production (shooting, animation, edting, direction, prtoduction) : Pierre Hébert

gravures (engravings) : Michelle Corbisier

poèmes et photographies (poems and photographs) : Serge Meurant

musique (music) : Fred Frith

conception sonore (sound design) : Claude Beaugrand

mixage (sound mixing) : Luc Boudrias

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