2007-04-15 St-Bernard

More than a week since I am back from Beirut. Last Monday, I prepared everything for redoing the performance in my studio and record it. I ran again into my video input problem and could not, as I have hoped, reproduce at least the settings I could get when I rehearsed at Masen’s the previous Monday. Things had gotten worse. I did the rehearsal but the result was very depressing. I sent a S.O.S. to Bob for any idea about how to approach the problem which absolutely had to be solved before the S.F. performance on May 4.

Thursday morning, I started a full back up of my laptop in order to be ready for the worse : reinstall the system and everything. Before going for the worst, I was thinking about reinstalling QuickTime but I was not sure about what it would do to reinstall the same version on top of the one that was already there. Finally, the answer came from my son Étienne who suggested to delete the QuickTime preferences (I had not been deleting preferences since the time of OS 9), and it did it. I could rehearse a few times again with the proper video settings and get a good version of the piece recorded which I sent to Bob. Then I felt ready for San Francisco and I could put Special Forces on the shelve for a week or so, and start doing work on the next project, Joane Hétu’sFilature which we are going to perform again at FIMAV in Victoriaville on May 21. The piece is much shorter than when we did it last year at Usine C and it will not include dance. The background DVD had to be redone and I spent Thursday and Friday finding my way with those images I had not touched for a year. Tomorrow, Joane is coming home to work with me on this. Saturday, Sylvie and I drove to Québec City for Le Salon du livre de Québec where we met our friends from Gent, D. and P.

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