Special Forces is Living Cinema’s last piece. It was inspired by the bombing of Lebanon at the summer of 2006. After a few presentation as a work in progress, it was premiered in Beirut in April 2007 as a part of the Irtijal festival of experimental music. Then it was presented at The San Francisco International Film Festival, at Roulette in NewYork and at The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.

Special Forces was decided very quickly over a short phone call between me and Bob Ostertag sometimes in August 2006 while the bombing of Lebanon was raging on. We had been working for months on a new piece centering on computer games without any convincing results and we were still trying to fight our way through it.. When we talked that day, we were both overwhelmed by what was happening and we thought we could not let this pass. It is really one of the beauties of the Living Cinema project that it allows us to react quickly to what is currently happening. So we decided to reorient our project and use our game images and sounds to comment on the war in Lebanon. Days after this decision, we received a e-mail from the Irtijal Festival in Beirut asking us to come perform «something» there in April 2007. This invitation gave a strong focus to the piece. We were committed to premiere it in Beirut during the winter… assuming that it would be possible to fly in Lebanon by then. It came from a very visceral reaction to what was happening, especially the fact that many of the victims were children. But presenting it in Beirut soon appeared to be ridden with hard ethical concerns about what it meant to go in front of a Lebanese audience and show images relating to the war they had been suffering through. But at that point we had no choice but do it.. It is part of the Living Cinema concept to do things on the razor blade.